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TNE: Impactful Collaborations, Meaningful Student Experience and Achieving Sustainability & Equity

In collaboration with the TNE Hub and in advance of their ‘Research and Practice Symposium’, this IC Global Café will explore the different aspects of TNE collaborations in an ever changing global landscape and the impact that polarising politics and economies can have on decision making. We will discuss the impact of TNE and how equity and sustainability can be achieved. The student experience is often not considered thoroughly enough and can make the difference in the success of a TNE partnership. We will also look at what needs to be considered and how the partnership can help empower students.

Do invite your colleagues who manage or who are involved in TNE so they can benefit from knowledge sharing and networking on this important topic.

IC Global Café 14.11.2023

Date: Tuesday 14 November 2023

Time: 1pm (UK time)

Please note this change of time in your calendar:

1pm (UK time).

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Our expert speakers

Dr. Vangelis Tsiligkiris

Dr. Vangelis Tsiligkiris (SFHEA, FCMI, CMBE) is an Associate Professor of International and Digital Finance Education at Nottingham Business School (NBS), Nottingham Trent University. He has 20 years experience in the development and management of several TNE partnerships with several European Universities. His research primarily revolves around Transnational Education (TNE) and Digital Education. He focuses on exploring the value and social impact of TNE, the influence of new technologies on student outcomes, and the international student experience. Vangelis has published in academic journals and has been invited as a keynote speaker at global education conferences. Vangelis has led and contributed to high-profile consultancy projects for renowned international organisations and governments. His expertise has played a significant role in informing policies and practices both in the UK and globally. He has worked with countries such as Greece, Malta, Georgia, Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Pakistan, and India. Vangelis has championed global collaborative initiatives, such as the TNE IMPACT repository, which aims to promote sustainable global engagement in higher education. As the founder and convenor of the TNE Hub, Vangelis leads an extensive international network comprising over 550 researchers and practitioners from 20 countries. He serves on the advisory boards and expert committees of notable organisations, including the Chartered Association of Business Schools (CABS) and the EdTech business accelerator Supercharger.

Professor Christopher Hill

Prof Christopher Hill has worked in TNE since 2008; spending 9 years in Malaysia and 5 in Dubai.  Christopher is an OBHE Associate, Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, a Specialist for the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications, an Adjunct Researcher for the Higher Evaluation and Accreditation Council of Taiwan and Senior External Examiner for the University of Westminster in Tashkent. His research interests include TNE and its impact on national systems; the role of online learning; and the development of international education and the student experience in the global arena. Dr Hill hosts the Think Education podcast.