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Individual & Group Coaching and Mentoring

What do we offer?

We provide coaching and mentoring to suit your needs and requirements, whether as an individual or a group. All our programmes are bespoke and designed for those working in the international higher education context, no matter what stage of your career.

Our qualified Coaches and Mentors are senior professionals in internationalisation and global engagement within the higher education sector, which makes them highly aware and understanding of the challenges and opportunities you may be experiencing as a professional.

For leaders of internationalisation in academic or professional services roles, we also offer The IC Global’s International Higher Education Leadership Coaching and Mentoring Programme, developed specifically to support those in leadership positions.

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International Higher Education Leadership Coaching and Mentoring Programme

Who is the programme for?

Are you a Head, Director, Dean, PVC or senior academic working in or researching the area of internationalisation and global engagement?

Does your role include or represent international recruitment, international partnerships, transnational education, global engagement or research links?

Are you facing specific challenges that you’d like to work on, with the support of an unbiased, professional Coach or Mentor who understands the higher education sector and has experience in internationalisation and global engagement?

The Programme provides personal and professional development tailored to your role specifically in the international higher education leadership context. It will also help to develop individual management and leadership brand and impact, drive peak performance, enhance cultural awareness and diplomacy, unlock capacity, achieve change, build confidence and support you with specific additional areas you wish to work on.

What does the Programme include?

The Programme consists of nine hours of virtual coaching, structured in blocks of 30 – 90 minutes, with flexibility to suit your needs. You can choose the focus of these sessions, which may include personal improvement, idea testing, change achievement, individual development aimed at organisational goals, internationalisation and global engagement policy, strategy and operational policies and processes. Clients will be carefully matched to a Lead Coach and have the option to work with other IC Global Coaches and Mentors.


Becoming a PVCI was a direct attribute of the coaching programme".

The coaching programme enabled me to have clarity and confidence in my transitioning into a senior internal role".

The IC Global Coaches & Mentors

We are professionally trained, have decades of internationalisation and global engagement experience and are leaders in higher education roles.

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Contact us to have an initial, complimentary conversation about your needs and how we can help you. We will be delighted to hear from you.