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The IC Global Partnership

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The IC Global Partnership is committed to supporting its fast growing global community of like minded professionals. Like you, we are passionate about education and have dedicated our professional lives to internationalisation and global engagement. We are global learners and educators with strong international networks. We feel strongly about our core values of sustainability, innovation, collaboration, global learning and inclusivity and take a supportive approach. Together with The IC Community, we can share our knowledge and learn best practice in a creative and supportive environment. Does that sound like a community you would like to join?

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Community is really important to us, so we have created a friendly, supportive and reflective space for a global education dialogue. By being part of The IC Community, you can join our popular IC Cafes which is a place for our IC Community professionals to share, debate and learn with and from each other. The Café provides you, in the international education sector, with cutting-edge knowledge and advice on the key issues facing the sector right now.

We support the advancement of professionals in internationalisation and global engagement through The IC Academy and The IC Executive. The IC Academy offers professional training and career development through blended learning and The IC Executive is designed for professionals working or aiming to work at senior levels in internationalisation and education roles, both complemented by executive coaching and mentoring. You will find our workshops are topical, fitting and focused around key themes and in the context of internationalisation and global engagement. Would you like to learn alongside like minded professionals?

A collective of expertise

The Co-Founders of The IC Global Partnership have more than 40 years of UK Higher Education internationalisation and global engagement sector-specific operational and leadership experience. We provide a full-portfolio of consultancy services delivered through a network of IC Fellows who are professionals with specialisation in specific areas of internationalisation and global engagement. We support organisations, governments, representative bodies, institutions and individuals globally, providing them with external and impartial expertise. Could you benefit from the support of a team of experienced consultants?

We provide a one stop international expertise, resource and knowledge hub  for our IC Community through the Academy, Executive and Fellows.

Director and Co-Founder

Sirin Myles

“At a young age, reading Jules Verne’s ‘Around the World in 80 Days’ in my family apartment in Turkey, I dreamt about being able to travel around the world, seeing new places, meeting new people and learning about different cultures. For over 20 years, I have dedicated my professional life to internationalisation and global engagement with international marketing and leadership roles in diplomatic and higher education organisations. This was not a planned career track for me, it was my dream. I always strived to bring people together, through my different roles working for the British Council in Istanbul, UK universities and as a specialist independent consultant and coach.

My passion is for international education and providing training, mentoring and leadership coaching to higher education institutions. As a coach, I am solution driven and I do not believe in worrying about, or wasting too much time on, what has not worked but prefer to focus on what could work, why and how. With the facilitative process of coaching, I work with my clients on removing any barriers in order to meet their unique potential. I recognise the training, consultancy and development needs within the sector and have worked to fulfil these requirements through a range of high-level roles and consultancy projects.

Community is of critical importance as the world has become more global and people can feel more isolated. Through The IC, we have created this global community and ensured the sharing of information and knowledge and supported networking opportunities. We warmly welcome you.”

Charlene Allen

Former Director and Co-Founder

Charlene Allen

Charlene co-founded The IC Global Partnership with Sirin and they were both Directors until Charlene’s passing in 2024.

She had dedicated her whole career to internationalisation and global engagement within higher education, something she was completely focused on and passionate about. As the first female Chair of BUILA, a role she held between 2013 and 2019, she was committed to give a voice to the community of internationalisation professionals and to advance the profession providing expertise, insight, development and networking opportunities. She stepped down as BUILA Chair in 2019 to found The IC Global Partnership.

Charlene used to explain how her father’s work in the Navy had sparked her interest about the global diversity of cultures, languages and people. Working in higher education internationally took her to Japan, Korea, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and many other countries. She started her career as International Marketing Manager at the University of Portsmouth, moving to the University of Southampton later on as Country Development Manager. She was promoted to International Deputy Director at the University of Reading and returned to the University of Southampton as Director of Student Recruitment and International Relations. As BUILA Chair she sat on advisory boards in the sector including the British Council, UUKl and UKCISA, and worked with government departments.

Committed to empowering women in leadership roles, she was recognised as one of the “Women to Watch” in 2022, a list that features women empowering, inspiring and supporting others in the global education sector.

Charlene’s generosity through her voluntary roles, mentoring of junior colleagues and the IC Global Cafés, and her dream of advancing the profession, will continue in everyone’s memories as her company The IC Global Partnership goes on to make her vision possible.