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The IC Global Community

The IC Global Community is a supportive and inclusive network of over 1,700 professionals dedicated to international education. Community members are from more than 75 countries and comprise different levels of seniority. These include PVC’s, Deans, Directors, Heads, Managers and Officers across both professional services and the academic community. Additionally, Community members work for commercial companies, public bodies, charitable status organisations and independent consultancies in all levels of the organisation.

We provide opportunities for IC Global Community members to enhance their professional development, support each other, network, collaborate, exchange information, share experiences, foster partnerships and improve practices. We do this through training, consultancy, coaching, mentoring, events, tailored and bespoke services.

We created The IC Global Community as we believe internationalisation and global engagement is about connections and community.

We hope you will join us. Together, we can enhance and strengthen our collective expertise in internationalisation and global engagement for the benefit of all.

Join The IC Global Community

The IC Global Community

By joining The IC Global Community, you will receive The IC Global newsletters and you will be invited to attend complimentary IC Global Cafés, which provide the international education sector with cutting-edge knowledge and advice from global experts and influencers.

Heads and Directors Community

As well as joining IC Global Cafés, you will automatically be invited to The IC Cafés, if you are a University Head or Director of International. The IC Cafés are tailored to a more senior level to help you to grow your knowledge, skills and networks, both as an individual and as a leader or manager of others in the international education sector.

Reasons to join us

We are building a global community of like minded professionals to encourage inclusivity, engagement, collaboration and global learning

Our community represents international education sector professionals and institutions globally

We share best practice and discuss critical issues affecting internationalisation and global engagement of education NOW

You will hear different perspectives, practitioner opinions and global insights

The IC Global community meets at The IC Global Café online, a friendly and reflective space where colleagues can be reassured they are not alone

We will be planting trees whenever someone joins our online events to help offset our IC community carbon footprint.

Our Community's Voice