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Are you ready to influence?

International Influencer Index

Are you looking to increase your institution’s global reputation and position?

Do you want to know how your institution is perceived by international influential opinion drivers?

Would you like tailored institutional intelligence (drawn from those who are relevant to the success of your particular institution) in order to increase your institution’s international brand and appeal?

What is the International Influencer Index?

The International Influencer Index provides insights, data, opportunities and a bespoke set of recommendations for higher education institutions to help them to understand the state of perceptions among the major influencers, in order to enhance their international institutional reputation. This includes defining and researching the institution’s global influencers in key geographical markets; in-depth one-to-one video call interviews with influencers; detailed analysis and diagnosis; and the co-creation of a global influencer action plan. If you want to test out a particular geographical market, we can also gather perceptions drawn from that specific territory.

What are the strategic benefits for my institution?

Your bespoke International Influencer Index will feed into reputation measures that can steer you in furthering global university rankings performance.

Your new set of hard metrics on international reputation will become embedded in the university’s overall performance management systems, reviewed and discussed at board level.

You will be able to identify opportunities to create/strengthen partnerships and ideas that will enhance: international student recruitment; international teaching and learning; transnational education for students; business partnerships; research activities; fundraising; and staff recruitment.

You will generate opportunities for new partners that can support your international reach and your international goals.

You will become immediately aware of any significant issues affecting your international reputation and that require urgent and immediate attention.

Your co-produced action plan will work towards addressing any misperceptions or perceptions gaps.

And much more.

Are you ready to learn more?

We would be happy to discuss your needs to help your institution position itself as an internationally connected institution in a globally competitive environment.