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At The IC Global, we are committed to sustainability in all we do and support the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.  We do this by delivering training topics on sustainability and wellbeing, offering online workshops, creating sustainable partnerships and planting olive trees to offset carbon footprints.

The IC’s Pledge is to plant an olive tree whenever we run a workshops, training sessions, events or projects.

NAFSA Conference 2022

Through The IC Global’s International Education Knowledge Hub for Environmental Sustainability, we are addressing the theme of Advocacy in International Education, to support the international education sector with environmental sustainability and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

The IC’s 3Is Environmental Sustainability Model: Innovation, Implementation, Impact

We are keen to support the international education community to think more sustainably when it comes to their institutions and organisations’ international business development. Therefore we are creating The International Education Knowledge Hub for Environmental Sustainability, here at The IC, to showcase best practice examples for supporting the UN’s SDGs and reducing carbon emission in international student recruitment, student mobility, international partnership development and internationalisation at home.

We have developed The IC’s 3Is Environmental Sustainability Model, which can be used to think about and review an institution’s activities and create new and innovative ways of taking a more sustainable approach to international activities.

We are pleased to be collaborating with Climate Action Network for International Educators (CANIE). Your best practice will be showcased on The IC Global Partnership website and your work will also be highlighted via the CANIE digital resource library.

What are the innovative environmental sustainability projects/practices universities’ international teams have introduced?

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The IC’s 3Is Environmental Sustainability Model: Innovation, Implementation, Impact.
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