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The IC Café at the SUIG Conference 2021

On 25th and 26th May The IC Global joined the Scottish Universities International Group’s (SUIG) Conference.

We delivered and facilitated sessions on:

  • The IC Global and EUAC: Sustainability in Scottish International Higher Education (joined by Matt Woodthorpe, Scotland Programme Manager for EAUC Scotland):

This session provided a curated space for a thought provoking discussion with delegates across the conference. Collectively, Sirin and Charlene (The IC Global Co- Founders)  have over 45 years of UK higher education internationalisation sector-specific operational and leadership experience and helped to facilitate a thought-provoking discussion on internationalisation and sustainability. This session was designed to get colleagues thinking about Scottish universities’ approach to sustainability, how sustainability fits with their role and what role they can play in contributing to a more sustainable approach for their university.

  • UUKi International Government Strategy Update – UK & Scotland Perspectives (joined by Vivienne Stern, Director UUKi and Brad MacKay, Vice Principal International, University of St Andrews)

The UK International Education Strategy (IES) was launched in March 2019 and updated in February 2021. We looked at what has changed, what progress has been made and what the next steps look like. We also looked at the Scottish perspective and how Scotland is engaging with the UK IES. 

Thank you to SUIG conference organisers and Claire Grant and Joe Mckinney for supporting our sessions.

Thank you also to SUIG member colleagues joining us for these sessions and thank you also for your questions and comments. It was great to be with you all to think together and share.

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