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As thought-leaders in the international education sector, The IC Global publishes its own research and actively collaborates with other organisations to provide leading and pioneering reports and research.

Our team of experts conducts in-depth studies and analysis to explore emerging trends, challenges and opportunities in the sector. Our accessible reports cover a wide range of internationalisation and global engagement topics. Our aim is to provide valuable insights that inform decision-making and drive positive change.

Collaboration is a key aspect of our approach. We foster a collaborative environment that leverages collective knowledge and resources to produce comprehensive and impactful research.

By staying at the forefront of developments, we strive to contribute to the growth and enhancement of the international education sector.

As an IC Global community member, you will have first hand access to IC Global research and reports.

The Route to Pro Vice-Chancellor International

This is primary research based on 138 UK HEIs. It examines whether national regulations and frameworks are needed for internationalisation and global engagement, especially timely with the ambitious UK’s International Education Strategy and the challenges the education sector faces post-coronavirus pandemic.

The report also looks at how the PVC-I role is viewed in institutions, the profile of a PVC-I and the absence of a mapped career path for this position.  In order for PVC-Is to progress to the top of an institution, their skills and attributes as well as synergies across PVC roles need to be understood more widely. Additionally, the report considers how the role of the PVC-I will look in a post-coronavirus pandemic environment.

Pathways and recruitment channels to undergraduate study in the UK

The undergraduate international student recruitment ecosystem is crowded and complex, with many potential and overlapping pathways for overseas students to enter UK higher education. The diversity of channels can create confusion for students, looking to source trustworthy information, and uncertainty for institutions, seeking to invest limited resources.

To address this knowledge gap, the British Council commissioned the first comprehensive review of ‘Recruitment channels and pathways to undergraduate study in the UK’, with an emphasis on mapping out and quantifying the evolving ecosystem.

The Power and Impact of Pathways

NCUK’s report, ‘The Power and Impact of Pathways’, was co-authored with Nous Group and in partnership with The IC Global. It explores the benefits of pathways to students and universities, and analyses how pathway providers can help universities mitigate some of the risks emerging from uncertain political environments, changes in study visa regulations and increased competition.

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